Branding, Digital Marketing, Trade Show Design
Design Challenge:
Rebrand corporate image to elevate the visual identity to the level of its 5G competitors worldwide. The company was recognized as a hardware supplier known to provide connectivity to 3rd world countries. New initiative is to provide 5G software along with hardware to urban, rural, corporate and public safety customers worldwide. 

Design Solution:
Logo redesign to portray a sleek, minimalistic and modern brand. Rebrand corporate imagery to portray the product offerings as 5G software ready. Close collaboration with marketing team ensured new corporate image goals were achieved, portraying the company as a credible industry player in the wireless technology landscape.

Projects include Trade show booth, sales collateral, PowerPoint presentations, web design consultant, social media campaigns and banner ads.​​​​​​​
Logo by Adrienne Goldman Design, intended to portray the look and feel of a contemporary industry leader.